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Drama in English is an action-packed English course at Itäkeskus High School in Helsinki. The students involved in this movie project are not professionals, but they worked hard, used their wild imaginations, and came up with a fantastic sweded script for Harry Potter The Philosopher’s Stone. Then we got creative and had lots of fun. Itäkeskus High School served well as Hogwarts and scenes were also shot in locations surrounding the school, such as the subway and the nearby forest. Let the magic begin!

Our Incredible Cast and Crew

Jarel as Harry Potter, Riku as Ron Weasley, Nancy as Hermione Granger, Maarek as Dumbledore, Fathi as Professor McGonagall, Jenni as Hagrid, Tiina as Voldemort/Quirrell, Kristina as Professor Snape, Kristiina as pawn mover, Sofia as Sorting Hat, Matti as Draco Malfoy/troll and Juulia as Fluffy.


Maarek and Jenni and Kristina


Tiina and Jenni

Casting and movie shoot scheduling

Tiina and Jenni

Wardrobe, props and make-up

Kristina, Kristiina, Sofia, Tiina, Nancy, JuuliaJenni and Riku




Juulia, Sofia and Kristina.

Photography and picture editing

Jarel and Maarek

All over the place


A special thanks to Sampo for editing our movie!

Our Crew


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