holla holla!

I’m eighteen and I live in Pohjois-haaga, Helsinki. I love chilling and watching movies and tv-shows.

I’m interested in films and drama because they tell a story you can change into your own. And playing a role that everyone loves gives you that push you need to make it perfect. 

Thoughts and revelations

The final-cut of the movie made me very proud and I’m glad our effort and dedication to this project paid off in the end. I really couldn’t be happier. I had so much fun working on this but I wasn’t  present in some of the lessons so I didn’t, for example, get to see how some of the scenes were shot and it makes me sad. The best part of the project was seeing the scenes being shot and getting to try acting and taking the pictures for our blog. I’m not so into writing essays that teachers tell us to do but I was relieved to see that updating your blog was very fun and in fact it does improve your level of English. 

 All in all, the whole course was very pleasant and exciting. The speech I had to do in front of the whole school wasn’t so bad either. And I believe that this kind of course builds your confidence. I didn’t know that writing a script would be so detailed and hard and thank god I wasn’t asked to do it. I honestly don’t think I could’ve done it so I think thanks are in order for Tiina ja Jenni. I tried working on the Photoshop but I failed terribly and in the future I’d like to try my hands on directing. It seems like fun. I played McGonagall in this movie and although I had a minor role it was something new to try. I love our team for being so excited and enthusiastic. In a team I usually do all the talking but I love making compromises and to see the other person’s point of views. But on the other hand I’m kind of an impatient person and very temperamental. I would love to work in a movie where I could act the bad girl and make more sweded films. And to act in a musical could be nice, I suppose.


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