YEAH, dude!

I’m a 17-year-old student (noohohoo…) from HKL. I play violin and do some sports like floorball etc. Films are a  great way pass time and a great source of passive entertainment. I was in advanced mother language in middle school and it was all about acting, so I’m interested in acting and I also play violin and study along high school in a music school, so I can be musician too. Writing is the last thing  I want to do.

Thoughts and Revelations

There are a couple things I wanted to be in the movie but they aren’t that important… just couple mistakes… nothing else… The humour of making this movie was the best… my muscles in my face were aching cause of the laughing… I think that I haven’t learned anything new but I have used the lost skills that I have… But my IT skills have improved I’m better at editing pictures… I was The Star of my team and I did very well with my team and I thank them for co-operating with me… I think most of the ideas were mine but also others had very good jokes for the movie and I wasn’t the scriptwriter… Everybody has their dark sides and mine is that I am a Rebel… so co-operation is not always what it could be… but that didn’t luckily happen during the shoots… I would think a new movie would be a bad *ss… This wasn’t the first one and it will not be the last…


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