Still underage (17) I live in Helsinki.
I mostly do creative stuff at home like drawin’/playin’/etc

I’m very good with my hands for example I do cosplay, which is short for costume + play;  meaning that I pick a character from a game/anime/manga/movie, make the costume by myself and dress as s/he usually in conventions.
That’s a great way to meet new people and gain friends while having lots of fun and even become famous (competitions etc).

Music is my life, meaning that I live through it. I love playing different instruments bass being my favoured one (and of course my beloved Sitar [which doesn’t  let ous sounds unfortunately]). I sing often just because I simply can’t be silent if I know the song and with new songs I start humming along quickly. My iPod is on constantly and when it’s dead I’m listening music from my beloved computer.

The reason I’m interested in drama/films: I love movies (‘specially comedies and horror movies -cough-Sauna-cough-) Melodramatic-ness for the win!!

I’m interested in doing: Anything actually, though not so good at writing a script or photography, I think.

Thoughts and Revelations

While making the movie I thought: “This is going to be so epic!” I couldn’t wait for the final edited version and I would’ve really liked to edit it by myself or in class with everyone, since I really love editing videos and I’ve done AMVs (Anime Music Videos).  So when the final edited version came out and I watched it, I think I was kind of disappointed in a way, since there were sentences cut and some were even cut in the middle, there were whole pieces missing and at one point you could hear “Action!” Though some of those feelings might have been because I was really not feeling all energetic and happy at the moment before watching it. Then it was edited a little again and it was a lot better! Now I seriously just love it.

The actual script and taping the video. I’m pretty happy with them though while watching it I realized how long some sentences were for example the Sorting Hat’s speech was way too long and there I would’ve added a little more humour into it also Voldemort’s last lines.

I think the class was awesome (my favourite word). It was great fun and even if the shooting times were a little short we still got everything with the great crew we have so points for that! For myself it was a bit of an accident when I started to direct people to do things, that’s how I am and what I found I really enjoyed doing. I also had a very strong image in my head how everything should look like and what places and what kind of expressions the characters should have. Sometimes I may start doing it a little too much and when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned, well, let’s just say I’m kind of down at the moment but I get up quickly. One thing I seriously learned was that you need to do things by yourself if you want them done or just be rude and start telling other people what they should do and it usually works without anyone complaining.

The team together worked nicely. A little stiff in the beginning but after a while it worked out really nicely. Though negative was that everyone wasn’t present when we needed them. With this little time and this strict schedule I really don’t see anything good on people who just ditch the class. It’s okay and actually really remarkable thing that people tell before the class if they can’t come or at least so that we know when the class starts and won’t wait for some people from half an hour to a whole hour just to make sure if they would give us the pleasure of their presence.

If this course will be next year again, I’ll definitely try to get it on my timetable. Even if it’s the second time maybe we encouraged others to join us. 😀


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