I’m Kristiina as you can see from the title. I’m a 19-year- old girl.  I live in Helsinki in a rented apartment with my girlfriend and our pets three cats, some guinea pigs and so on…

I don’t have any good hobbies but I like to read in English horror books and watch horror movies. My favorite horror movies are “Interview With The Vampire”, “Queen Of The Damned”, “Ring”, “Grudge”,  “Saw 1”, 2, 3 and 4. I haven’t ever see the last two of them. I’m not so interested about acting, but I like to watch movies.  I have collection of horror movies about 70 different movies. My most favorite ones are gothic style vampire movies little bit romanticism, not too much blood and good-looking vampires.

My favorite books are Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles especially Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen Of The Damned and The Vampire Armand.

I read a lot. I also write and draw, but not that much. I’m working on my own book  it has just 70 pages handwritten text in notebooks and I don’t have now  so much time to write it.  But that’s all about me in the nut-shell.

Thoughts and Revelations

Final- cut made me so proud. We did a real-like movie with no much money, “real” actors, “real” writers or nothing profession except the cutter. There are some things that could be better but we did our best and had a good time with making the movie. It was really fun to see that rest of our school did like that movie. Some things in the movie bother me example in the end  I am not there humming with the others thanks to swine-flu and that teacher never says to name of the Hermione before Hermione comes to sit on the chair. Best in the last few weeks was to making movie in the underground train and get other people in the train laugh. It was really fun to see peoples reactions of shooting and Plastic bag clothes.  New thing I learn about making movies was that how much time to goes before shooting it and that you don’t really need much time to make movie if you have everything else ready.  I learn that this blog does not come along with my computer (this is second time I am writing this because saving didn’t worked last time). Team work together really well after selecting a movie what to swede. I was making plastic bag cloths and doing som other small things in the movie.  I can work with all kind of people but some things in some people is annoying me really much and that makes the teamwork hard.  My next crazy project will be shooting my own movie about my cats to part of art course.

Thanks to Every one!!!

Last Edit: It saved this Yippii!


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