My name(like in the title) is Kristina, and i’m almost 18 years old.  I live in Helsinki, Finland, but will soon live in Vantaa. Why? Because we have about the noisiest neighbours ever and they are going to drive my parents crazy if they have to listen to it much longer.

My hobbies…  I sing in a band and that’s about the only hobby I have that includes leaving the house. But my other hobbies are writing stories(i have a big project going on with my friend. We are going to write a book series of six books), drawing, photography and reading.

I’m interested in films/dramas because I just am. I really don’t know why. I like watching movies and i guess i would like to be in a movie business when i’ve finished my studies.

I’m interested in acting and directing. I’m also interested of writing and i have actually written a short script once(for no reason actually and it was kinda crappy). I like photography as well and am interested of music(but honestly, i can’t do anything else but sing).

That’s pretty much all of it.

Thoughts and Revelations

I’m happy with the way the movie turned out. I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Best thing in the past few weeks was that I didn’t have to study for this course! Sorry, that sounds harsh but it’s the truth. It was fun though, working on this project, so I’m not trying to say it wasn’t.

I didn’t really learn anything new about making movies or any new IT skills. I already knew how to blog and stuff.

My role in the team was… I don’t know. I just did what I was supposed to.  Our team worked well together for all I know. My best quality as a team player is that I can take orders from others without complaining. My worst quality would be that I’m not very outgoing and tend to keep to myself and not talk to others much.

A future project could be a sequel for this one.


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