Hi guys!

I’m 18 years old boy from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I am really into sports; I’ve practised football for ten years, but I dropped it because my time didn’t last out. I’ve also practised floorball a couple of years and at the moment I am going for track and field, which I have practised for about 9 years. I also like some basic stuff, like hanging out with friends, playing computer games etc.  I don’t want to compliment myself, but I’m also a good chef. Or at least I’d want to be..

When it comes to movies, I’m mostly a fan of action and sci-fi movies and series, but I also watch soap-operas.

In our project I’m interested in directing and photography.

Thoughts and Revelations

The course is now over and I am fortunate that we get our sweded movie done! The movie was supposed to be kind of crappy, so I must say that I’m happy with the result. Actually it was pretty good although I’m a critical person. I personally think that we should have been done it a bit differently; script was too detailed compared to the real script, especially in the sorting hat scene. I also would have added more humor into the last scene, but the rest was really good! However we had the best script writers,and without them we might have failed the whole project.

The whole course was really good. It wasn’t an ordinary course with lots of notes and stuff, we all had to be team players to make things happen. The shooting was really fun, shame that I couldn’t shoot in the train-scene.

I’m really happy about the group effort. Everyone did something and there was things to do for everyone. Nice job!

I did most of the shooting and directing, played Dumbledore and I photoshopped our poster with my limited skills, so I could say that I definitely had a role in this project.

yepyep, nnnniiiiice 🙂 🙂 🙂


9 Responses to “Maarek”

  1. 😀

  2. You guys are weird. Matti, post that picture!

  3. Apparently he took three pictures, I’ll post them all in a couple of hours.

  4. 😀 why isn’t the “let the magic begin” anymore on my dashboard?

    • Because I took away your administrator rights, buahahahaa 🙂 Please do keep blogging on wordpress, but you’ll have to start another magical blog all on your own!

  5. I knew I should have took your admin rights first.. :@ but should it be seen anyway on my dashboard because now I can’t edit my own or Matti’s text 😦

    • I thought your text was ready? Eventually, when courses are finished, I always take everyone off the dashboard so that the blog remains untouched for future generations. But if you still have some editing to do, I can put you back on if you just give me the right e-mail (the one you used to create this account). Just don’t mess with Matti’s text, please 😉

      PS Matti still has editor rights so that he could post the picture. So does Kristiina because she still has some editing to do.

  6. Why should you have the right to edit my text? 😀

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