My name is Nancy am 18 years old and I live in Helsinki, Finland.  My hobbies include playing/ watching football, hanging out with friends and watching movies.  I am interested in movies because, movies are fun to watch and hopefully it will be fun making as well.  Am not sure of what i will be doing yet maybe photography, script writing or acting (that’s if there is nothing else for me to do).

Thoughts and revelations

I really liked the final cut of the movie. I think that there are lots of things I could have done different, like I could have spoken louder and also I could have been in a way or two more involved in making the movie. The last few weeks have been amazing. I never thought making a movie could be this fun. The thing I enjoyed the most was shooting the movie. I did learn some  important cool new things like how movies are made from the beginning to the ending and how to manipulate pictures.  I dont think I played an important role while making the movie. I acted in the movie, and…. hmm that all (anybody could have said the 3 sentences I said). Anyway I think that the team worked really well together . Hmm my best qualities as a team player?? That`s a difficult question. I would say I pretty much go with the flow. My worst qualities would be that am too quiet and I dont always say my opinions out loud. I think the next crazy thing i might do is to act in another sweded movie.


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