I’m 16 years old and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I like to play football and other sports. I like to watch comedy movies when they have a good actor for example Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey. I like action movies also and sometimes horror goes too.

Thoughts and Revelations

When I found out that the movie was done I was happy. It was kind a hard work doing the movie and find all the actors. I wouldn’t have done anything different because everything was perfect. When we started to do the movie I was like blah, but when we did more scenes it was better. Seeing the movie was the best thing in last weeks.

I didn’t really learn anything about making movies, but I learned to act a little bit. When we did the scene in Itäkeskus subway station it was a little bit embarrassing but in the end we laughed hard. I didn’t really learn anything about IT. I would like to learn how to edit pictures.

My role in the team was to play the part of Ron and to do the usual stuff. I didn’t want to have a big role because I like to be in the background. The team worked well together. My best qualities as a team player… I dont know any good or bad. The next crazy project would be similar to this project. Thank you.


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