Hello everyone!

I’m Sofia, an 18-year-old student girl from Helsinki, Finland. At the moment I live in Pihlajisto, which is a neighbourhood known for its low standard of living and alcoholics… A bit sad yes, but I don’t mind!  I’m a person who has many kinds of interests, but lately I have been inspired by modern art paintings. Like the ones you can see in the art museum Kiasma in the Helsinki city center. That’s why I have also created my own twisted painting projects…I’m also very much into different style sub-cultures (cybergoth, emo, japanese street fashion, you name it..)

I do not often have time to watch movies, but when I do, I especially want to see new Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton films! My opinion is that they make incredibly fascinating movies with catchy plots. Or what do you think?  When I need to keep myself in good condition, I prefer swimming and running, because sports are also a good way to release stress!  My closest friends would describe me as an eccentric, loyal, sincere and cheerful person who laughs a lot. I really love to party and meet new people because I get along with others easily.

At first I was a bit pessimistic about this movie project, and suspected that this wouldn’t be succesful. But at the moment I’m quite eager and enthusiastic about it!

Thoughts and Revelations

I’m really happy that this project is finally over! We tried our best and spent a lot of time and effort and I think it was worth it, because the movie turned out to be absolutely great and amusing. And my opinion is that there is actually nothing that should be changed in it. It was also hilarious to see our audience (other students of our school) laughing and cheering when they saw it. That really comforted me because I was a bit worried about their reactions. But the best part has been our group spirit which has helped us through problems during the filming.                                                

I understood better how the films are actually made, but I didn’t have the chance to use the camera or computer. But that didn’t bother me because I’m not very talented with electronic gadgets anyway. Other team members knew more about them.

Our team worked brilliantly together; everyone listened to each others opinions and new fresh ideas. That way the movie got better and better. It was also a positive side that no one tried to be a  leader over other people. My job in the movie project was to take care of the wardrobe but I also did other little tasks. My role was to give ideas and comment other inventions. I’m glad that I remembered to give positive feedback to others when they did smart choices during our project.

I hope that there will be more fun projects to participate in because this film making course gave me some good inspiration… Art projects here I come!


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