I’m 17 and live in Helsinki. What else can you say to this? I’m female, if my name doesn’t give you a clue. 17 also equals only a small bit before I can call myself an adult, even if I have to pay just as much as one when I use public transport (thanks HKL) and I can’t go anywhere an adult can. You know, 17 is the age that sucks the most. You pay for an adult and still don’t get anything they do.

Hobbies… Well, I write a lot. In English especially. Fanfiction, original stories, poems, lyrics… you name it, I write it. Usually I write in English, since I update stories on a special site regularly. No, I won’t tell you where. Find it yourself if interested. My dream is to become an author one day and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed along these long years.

Why am I interested in films and drama… Who knows? Maybe it’s DESTINY! 😛

I’m interested in writing (duh) and acting, perhaps even some other. Or maybe this is enough.

Thoughts and Revelations

You know, now it’s over. The movie’s ready and it was a success. Of course, we are going to have our haters and “fans”, but I think that our movie was great. I’m a bit biased, sure, since I saw the fun we had, but… Damn, it was fun! I would never change anything… This was just so epic.

I don’t even know what was the best in this whole thing. I loved writing the script… I always love to write things and now, I have even written a successful script! Go me! And our actors, me included, had so much fun while acting and preparing the props and scenes. You know, most of the fun moments were brought to life just before filming. It makes a writer ready to burst into tears when you can see people get into the script so much, that they are even ready to edit it if they think something else might work better and give their own opinions! It creates a creative circle for imagination and that’s what means the most for a writer.

I’m not sure if I learnt anything more than just how great people are out there. I mean, our Harry Potter was in my class for over a year, and I didn’t know how great a guy he was before this!

I was never doing much work with computer in this class, expect for writing the script in Word on my own laptop… And I’m glad about that. I’m a walking disaster when it comes to IT. I have once destroyed all of my files on my computer when I was trying to uninstall one programme! I was ready to cry, since there had been some of my work from elementary school (and they held lots of my memories in them), but then I realized that I had them gathered on my memory stick. That was the moment, when I really thanked my mother, who had always told me to keep the important things somewhere safe. You never know what might happen.

My role was being the scriptwriter and actor mainly, but according to our teacher, I and Jenni were practically the leaders in this. I knew how these things should go and Jenni made our filming schedule. And we both told other people what to do, though we still took in their suggestions about what could be fun and work better. For an example, the ideas for the script I told about earlier. And it’s all thanks to other people than me about making props mostly (I only took some things from home to school). The robes of our starring crew were fabulous! The teamwork was really working, I think. Everyone did what they could.

My best qualities as a teamplayer, well, I’ve always been in charge in one way or another. I have a habit of “suggesting” things and delegating the hardest or most boring work to others if I trust that they actually do their job. Some of the time, I try to take most of the things to myself just to ensure that everything will work according to my mind. And sometimes I just sit back and watch how people deal with things and only step up when they seem to get on the wrong tracks. I don’t know, I’m a complicated person. I really live up to my sign as Gemini, always changing even if staying the same and having almost like two personalities (and I swear, sometimes I have).

I wonder what my next project would be. I will continue writing, maybe practice my skills in writing a bit more under the category of fanfiction and after getting more self-confidence, I’ll write that damn book and become the author I strive to be.

You know, as last words, thanks everyone in this project. Time can never be taken back and this is one thing I would never trade for anything. Long live Harry Potter in our sweded world!


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