Harry Potter Poster



5 Responses to “Poster”

  1. The entire school is so gonna laugh us 😦

  2. So what? 😉 That was kind of the idea, wasn’t it? The genre is definitely comedy, not drama!

  3. The pictures are now online, where exactly do I post them and how? I guess we only need one of them, I’ll let someone else choose which one. They’re quite small because otherwise the quality would suck.

    • Open up the page titled Speech for editing, then bring the cursor to where you want the picture which is under the speech, then press Insert picture or Insert media and download it off your computer. Then after filling out all the information into the boxes, press Insert into post. It should be easy enough. Or else you can send them to me via e-mail (aeleino at

  4. yea you just have to crack the algorhythm and krypt new softwares and then update the java and pipe the file System using the Feed and then transfer your local hardware into those source node. simple enough??

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