Script and Schedule

So here’s the SCRIPT FINAL UPDATE 19th and Schedule UPDATED 17th which are very important!

I want everyone in the crew to read those and be there when we need you. If there’s still a date you know you won’t be able to make it just tell someone (or inform me) so I can change the schedule early, because we don’t have any extra time, so this is all I ask 😀

I’d also love if everyone would read the scene they will be before the class because we don’t have time for rehearsals.

After words:

I’d like to thank everyone from coming to rehealsars, we got everything done with the little time we had and everyone had (I hope so) fun, at least I did.  Can’t wait to see the edited version 🙂

~ Jenni


4 Responses to “Script and Schedule”

  1. Right on! We might have one extra day for shooting which is the day we were supposed to edit. If we do the editing with Sampo, we could shoot whatever is unfinished on that day. I’m pretty sure we need it 🙂

  2. How many scenes we’re still missing?

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