Making Movies

Normal Words

Acting: the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc.

 Digital-Camera: in short it’s the box which will be your new god and Allah. The one without you’d be royally screwed.

 Answer Print: a motion-picture film print composed of picture and sound, used for evaluation.

 Cast: the group of performers to whom parts are assigned; players.

 Cinema: A venue that hosts film screenings.

 Costume Designer: the dude who designs the costumes for the actors

 Crew: the people who work on the film

 Director: mastermind behind it all!

 Premiere: first puplic screening of the film

 Take: A take is a continuous filming action of a scene.

  Set: The set is the environment, indoor or outdoor, where shooting takes place.

Continuity: a motion-picture scenario giving the complete action, scenes, etc., in detail and in the order in which they are to be shown on the screen.

 Close-up: A photograph or a film or television shot in which the subject is tightly framed and shown at a relatively large scale

 Art Director: Also called art editor. a person who is responsible for the selection, execution, production, etc., of graphic art for a publication, advertising agency, or the like.

Word Of The Course

Whip Pan: A fast pan, usually resulting in motion blur.

How to make a movie tutorial:



Vahee Cinema Word List

+our own minds.


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