Sweding is re-acting a movie, without editing after a single take per scene. So you film it and that’s it!

For example, Be Kind Rewind on Youtube by Jack Black, encourages people to make new versions of movies. To just swede things. The video here tells you something about sweding.

You can also check out articles about Be Kind Rewind to get the thing.

What do we need to make a sweded movie? Well, a camera, few actors and the most important thing: SCRIPT. Based on already made movie. The people who make these… are nuts in a nutshell. They usually end up being parodies of the movies, but sometimes, they might even end up being better than the original one.

Now, to swede! And not Sweden.

Source: Be Kind Rewind in Wikipedia by multiple writers.
Does the teacher count?

Workers here: Kristiina, Nancy and Tiina.


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